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Record Attendances

Anyone know what the record attendance for a two legged game is? Official attendances here change like the weather in Manchester but the combined attendances for both legs of the AFF Cup Final were pretty impressive.

In KL I saw 100,000 mentioned which won't be far off the mark given that just two blocks of seats remained empty for the whole game.

Meanwhile last night it was announced over the tannoy in a momentary hush that 95,000 had been shoehorned inside the Bung Karno.

So, perhaps 195,000 over two legs.

I know that may be small fry compared to the old days at places like the Macarana or Hampden Park but anyone anorak out there got any idea how it stacks up in modern times?

My previous best was probably the League Cup Semi Final between Manchester United and Arsenal back in 1983 when if I recall 56,000 + were at Old Trafford and maybe 46,000 at Highbury.

The semi final against Spurs in the League Cup in 1987 stretched over three games, with a replay thrown in, and that attracted 45,000 at Highbury and perhaps 40,000 at each WHL game but my numbers may be rusty for both this and the Manchester United game

You mean Maracana Stadium, Mexico (not Macarana the dance fad) where Pele's Brazil won the 1970 World Cup for 3rd time...
The Maracana is in Rio (not to be confused with the Marakana, which is in Belgrade).

Mexico City has Estadio Azteca.
It was announced in Malaysia ticket allocation for the 1st leg are 75,000 for Malaysia and 15,000 for Indonesia.

That put the figure at around 90,000 out of the 100,200 max capacity of Bukit Jalil if I am not mistaken. FA Malaysia usually would leave around 10% of the stadium seats empty (base on previous practice on Malaysia Cup final matches).

As for Gelora Bung Karno, I reckon roughly around the same figure as in Bukit Jalil and perhaps more as some may have got in without tickets (security admittedly kind of poor over there). So I would put it around 95,000.

We can safely assume the total attendances for both leg stood at around 180,000 to 200,000. TV spectators could be more than 200 million (including rest of ASEAN).

So the AFF Championship is kind of a gigantic tournament in itself.
Good question. The AFF Championship is huge. And in the spirit of being an anorak:

The Barcelona vs Real European Cup semi Final 2002 doesn't beat it ... 73,000 at the Nou Camp, 98,000 at the Bernabeu.

Flamengo met Fluminense in a 2-legged Rio title match in the 70's - both games at the Maracana reported to be played in front of over 100,000 both times - but no confirmation.

When they met in a one-legged Carioca Final in December 1963, the crowd was 194,603.

Mohun Bagan and East Bengal in India have played in front of 100,000+, but can't find any two-legged matches.

8 Scottish Cup Finals went to a replay where both matches were attended by over 100,000. (Biggest was Rangers' win vs Celtic in 1963 when 249,916 watched the two matches.

Man Utd vs Brighton also went to a replay with 2 official 100,000 crowds.

But the conclusion: The AFF Championship is immense in its own right!!
just a good job we didn't see a singapore v philippines final!

singapore home game at jalan besar, 6,000 with 75% maids, philippines game where?
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