Friday, December 24, 2010


Playing Hard Ball

With the alternate Liga Primer Indonesia due to commence on 8 January PSM Makassar are set to announce their withdrawal from the FA sanctioned Indonesia Super League and commit fully to the new league. They site the lack of funding in the ISL and the problems of what they claim to be poor referees.

PSM currently sit second in the ISL behind Persipura but won just one game in their last five dropping 11 points in the process.

If they carry through their threat then the brother of the chairman of the Indonesian FA has promised to set up an alternate PSM to play in the ISL.

Meanwhile newly promoted Persibo are also considering their future in the ISL. They site the lack of funding and the problems of what they claim to be poor referees. La di da.

These clubs sit there whining that they get their money late from local government yet none of them seem willing to get off their arses and source their own bloody income. Instead they hope that by moving to the LPI they will draw money from a central pot open to all clubs. That ain't the answer either. Clubs will need to one day stand on their own two feet or fall and it will be up to them to raise sponsorship.

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