Friday, December 03, 2010


Persip Kota Pekalongan vs Persepam Pamekasan 2-2

Ok this may lack the glamour of the ASEAN Football Federation Cup currently going on here in Jakarta but this was not a bad game of football between two sides in the non league Division One who both went for a victory.

Persip, cheered on by a couple of dozens loyal supporters, were two up at half time and good value for their lead but Persepam fought themselves back into the game and were probably good value for their point. Indeed but for a saved penalty they could have had all three points.

Jakarta Casual TV and Asian Football Pictures both have specials on the small, hardy band of Persip fans who made the long journey from the Central Java town of Pekalongan

We're at the Big 12 stage or the 3rd Round of fixtures in the highly regionalised Division One and here are the complete fixtures


(2/12) : Persbul Buol vs Persewangi Banyuwangi 2-1; Perssin Sinjai vs Persitema Temanggung 1-0;

(4/12): Persbul Buol vs Perssin Sinjai (15.30 wib); Persewangi Banyuwangi vs Persitema Temanggung (18.15 wib);

(6/12): Persitema Temanggung vs Persbul Buol (15.30 wib), Persewangi Banyuwangi vs Perssin Sinjai (18.15.wib)


(3/12): PSBS Biak vs PSBL Langsa (15.30 wib); PSBK Blitar vs KSB Sumbawa Barat (18/15 wib);

(5/12): PSBL Langsa vs PSBK Blitar (15.30 wib); PSBS Biak vs KSB Sumbawa Barat (18.15);

(7/12): KSB Sumbawa Barat vs PSBL Langsa (15.30), PSBS Biak vs PSBK Blitar (18.15 wib)


(3/12): Persip Kota Pekalongan vs Persepam Pamekasan ; Madiun Putra FC vs PSGL Gayo Luwes

(5/12): Persepam Pamekasan vs Madiun Putra FC (19.00 wib), PSGL Gayo Luwes vs Persip Kota Pekalongan (21.00 wib);

(7/12); PSGL Gayo Luwes vs Persepam Pamekasan (19.00 wib); Persip Kota Pekalongan vs Madiun Putra FC (21.00 wib)

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