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Jakarta Casual Awards 2010

OK, here we go for the 2nd annual Jakarta Casual Awards. These prestigious awards are widely anticipated by Mabel in her coffee shop so she can tell her friends and staff 'see him, I know him I do.' Dunno if anybody really gives a rubber duck or can even remember who won what last year. If you are interested the 2009 Awards can be found here.

A few awards have been done away with because the lack of real alternatives but the format remains the same as does the excuse that I can't be bothered to do it as a Jakarta Casual TV piece.

So without further ado wipe the shit off the tatty red carpet and away we go.


Any team that can take 40,000 fans to an away game as Arema did is obviously going to be in with a chance of winning this but it was a game where their team would be receiving the Indonesia Super League trophy and anyone can follow a winning team. So yes they do deserve an honourable mention. Lions All The Way have been creating a bit of a stir in Singapore recently with thought provoking posts challenging the mind set of people who claim to be fans of Singapore football. They also walked the talked by travelling to Hanoi for the AFF Cup group stage games featuring their beloved Lions. But for me the winner for 2010 is Pasoepati, the fans of Persis Solo. 2009/2010 saw their team plunge unfathomed depths of shiteness barely able to get a shot on target in the second half of the season before scoring in the final game away to Persikota. Yet despite the mediocrity they still turned out in force, averaging something like 12,000 every home game and taking 500 to Tangerang where they were rewarded with a goal and a point!


The quality of unofficial websites continues to rise, especially in Indonesia. Fans from Persiba, Persib and Arema have consistently produced quality material on their sites. However the winner this year, just shading it from last year's winner Ongisnade as well as Persib's Simamaung is Persisam's Pusam FC site which features an excellent English language section.


South East Asian football is never dull. This last year has seen Singapore choose foreign clubs over international club competitions, the birth of a breakaway league, the Liga Primer Indonesia in Indonesia and Malaysia build on their SEA Games triumph of 2009. But for me the story of the year, and one that needs to be watched carefully is in Thailand. FIFA makes a big hoo haa about keeping politics out of football. But what happens when a politician takes over a football club? What happens at Buriram PEA need to be monitored if FIFA is serious about their creed. If.


Good news this year for Kelantan fans as they finally won the Malaysia Cup. Etoile, a bunch of journeymen Frenchies came to Singapore and they conquered, winning the SLeague and the League Cup. In Indonesia Arema won the Indonesia Super League but it was Persipura who ended the season on a 17 match unbeaten streak. But the club of the year, coming from nowhere and possibly disintegrating into nothing is Etoile.


Robert Alberts dropped into Arema and won the ISL at the first time of asking with a squad that was to be fair far short of the best in the league. Still in Indonesia Rahmad Darmawan continued to collect trophies with Sriwijaya before moving to Persija. In Singapore Patrick Valle came from nowhere, collected a few red cards, upset a few people and still found time to win a couple of trophies. Indeed up until a few days back Valle was odds on to win but instead the award goes to Rajagobal, the Malaysian national team coach who has led his side to glory in the SEA Games last year and now the AFF Cup.


Khairul Fahmi (Kelantan & Malaysia)
Hamkah Hamza (Persipura & Indonesia), Bah Mamadou (Gombak United), Pierre Njanka (Arema), Zulkifli (Arema & Indonesia)
M Ridhuan (Arema & Singapore), Safiq Rahim (Selangor & Malaysia), Ahmad Bustomi (Arema & Indonesia)
Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (Kelantan & Malaysia), Frederic Mendy (Etoile), Safee Sali (Selangor & Malaysia)


Kawin Thamsatchanan (Muang Thong United & Thailand), Daniel Bennett (SAFFC & Singapore), Firman Utina (Sriwijaya & Indonesia), Ahmad Latiff (SAFFC), Aleksander Duric (Tampines Rovers & Singapore)


Almost half the Malaysian team would stand a chance here, especially their defenders, after their impressive AFF Cup triumph. But this one was decided several weeks back and even after the AFF Cup I see no reason to change although Khairul Fahni came pretty close. So, following the Thai keeper Kawin who won it last year this time round congratulations to Frederic Mendy for his performances with Etoile.


Among the contenders are Norshahrul Idala Talaha, M Ridhuan of Arema, Frederic Mendy and Safiq Rahim. However the winner this year is Pierre Njanka of Arema. A giant on the field, he also plays an important role off it and was instrumental not just in Arema's title in 2009/2010 but also in keeping the squad together for the 2010/2011 campaign.

Kawin and Okto made it to the list of asian players who could prove a hit in europe
Good call on the 'Lions All The Way' blog. About time they had some passionate fans. I couldn't believe it when, literally, ten Singaporeans turned up in Bangkok for the Asian Cup qualifier.
thank u for best website that awarded to Pusam FC :)
Thank you for giving the coach of the year award to coach rajagopal. He did an amazing job reshaping the Malaysian young squad becoming the champion there are now.

We believe he would continue his amazing achievement with the boys and continue making us proud all year round.

another thing, the lions all the way ... Cute, welcome to bukit jalil anytime because the KLC are ever so eagerly waiting for u .... Smile, kitty ...
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