Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Insanity Trumps Sport

Regretfully it doesn't take much to stir anti Malaysian sentiment in Indonesia and the low life scum who decided to use lasers at the Bukit Jalil Stadium the other night have certainly stirred up a right storm.

Indonesia didn't not lose because of the lasers. They lost because they were beaten by a better team. Malaysians are not cheats because a few tossers play the prat.

However, and not for the first time in domestic policies anywhere in the world, populism wins out over common sense.

The second leg of the Final, with Indonesia 3-0 and needing a winning margin of four goals to secure their first ever trophy, is guaranteed to be played out in one hostile atmosphere. If Malaysia do win and they are presented with the trophy in front of the Indonesian fans...

What should be a very special night looks like it could well be hijacked by short termist political point scoring.

Short-termism winning out over common sense in Indonesia?

The hell you say!
Short temism

"concentration on obtaining immediate profit at the expense of long term security"

Ouch, sounds familiar with my daily life here!

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