Thursday, December 23, 2010


Indonesia Reduce Ticket Prices

In response to a chorus of criticism led by the nation's President the Indonesian FA have reduced the price of tickets for the AFF Cup Final against Malaysia. Upper Tier tickets will now coast 50,000 IDR instead of 75,000 IDR. Other prices remain the same from 150,000 IDR to 1,000,000 IDR.

I had someone queue for tickets today and they gave up after a couple of hours. He said there was 8,000 people in the queue and after a few hours only 2,000 had been dealt with and he was getting peckish.

He also reported one of the guys selling tickets got a bit of a slap from disgruntled fans. Gotta feel for the fella, it ain't his fault. After hosting the Asian Cup in 2007 and the AFF Cups in 2008 and 2010 the FA still can't organise a reasonable and fair ticket distribution system.

As it stands at the moment fans have to go to the stadium, pay their cash and get a voucher which must be redeemed on match day.

Hello! here we are in the internet age and the best these guys can come up with with a system that was known to be inefficient in Dickensian England.

No wonder there's such a cry for reform but would a new regiem do things any better? Would they be allowed to?

i think they did sell the tickets online through rajakarcis or something last time but it was pulled off because less than 5% of the tickets are sold through this avenue-not very popular.
what might be a better idea is to work together with PT Pos (post office), BRI, or whatever with a nation-wide online network so that say when a guy from Papua want to watch he can get a ticket on hand before flying to Jakarta, instead of flying first then queue and trust his luck
you're right, it is very biased towards folk in jakarta

i think maybe pssi want to keep as tight a control on it as possible...for whatever reasons!
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