Friday, December 17, 2010


A Blight On The Beautiful Game

Being almost Crimbo I decided to do my best Ebeneezer Scrooge and have a whine about what I see is wrong with the modern game

1 - the pre kick off huddle - what's the point? It doesn't help you win the game does it? I mean have you ever heard Fergie say that they beat Blackburn 7-1 'cos of the huddle before the game started. And it looks so gay. People do it 'cos everyone else does it and that surely has to be reason enough not to do it.

2 - the mexican wave - reality TV for the masses, has no place in a football stadium

3 - players carried off on stretchers - guys you look pathetic. It's humiliating. Does it feel good to have four grown men carry you off the football field everybody watching thinks you're a tosser?

4 - high hats - oi pricks, there's folks behind you who wanna see the game, not look at your freaking stoopid hat that stands about three feet above your empty head

5 - over elaborate goal celebrations - if you could pass the ball as well as you celebrate your rare goals you may even be able to earn a pay rise

6 - clubs 'resting' players' numbers as a sign of respect, players numbers and players names on the back of shirts

7 - ex players who can't find a real job after they have retired so they feel fit to bore us with everybody else's defensive errors

8 - not doing any work for 9 months and doubling your salary

9 - Big Sam and his apologists

10 - face painters - please, why?

11 - players obsession with adjusting their shin pads before taking a free kick. Help, does it?

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