Saturday, December 25, 2010


Afternoon Kick Offs Planned For Young Lions

The outside consultants brought in add some zest to the Young Lions are planning to have one home game a month played on a Saturday afternoon, perhaps with a 4 or 5 pm kick off. The aim is to try and attract more younger fans to the game.

Good idea. But of course a report about the SLeague without a whine would be like a dog with a dry nose. Unnatural. They are planning this experiment for two months! That means two home games! Do the whole bloody season, do it for away games and ignore the laptop whiners.

Despite the general feeling of negativity surrounding Singapore football, which does seem to be like Christmas an annual occurance, following 2010 when foreign teams whitewashed domestic trophies and the national team failed in the Asian Cup qualifiers and the ASEAN Football Federation Cup, there does seem to be a number of initiatives to put some life back in the game.

First up of course we have this commercially driven project with the Young Lions. Then we have the group of fans known as United 4 United who last season took to following Sengkang Punggol and will be bringing an atmosphere of sorts to the Hougang United games this season. And of course the lads at Lions All The Way who followed Singapore to Vietnam for their doomed AFF Cup run.

Perhaps the FA should get involved with U4U and LATW somehow to encourage their endeavours...or perhaps that ain't such a good idea!

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