Monday, December 20, 2010


AFF Cup Final Ticket Prices

Just received a text message giving the following prices for the AFF Cup Final 2nd Leg to be played in Jakarta on 29 December.

VVIP - 1,000,000 IDR
VIP West - 500,000 IDR
VIP East - 350,000 IDR
Category 1 - 200,000 IDR
Behind Goal - 150,000 IDR
Upper Tier - 75,000 IDR

One reason for the worsening atmosphere at the recent Indonesian home games has been the expensive ticket prices that are surely pricing out the fans who regularly follow their club side and create such a good atmosphere. They are being replaced by people who think vuvuzulas are cool and need blowing as often as possible.

These prices to be confirmed...

where's ticket can bought?
from the stadium starting thursday except for VVIP and VIP which are sole on line
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