Monday, November 22, 2010


Uruguayan Giants Sign Young Indonesian Talent

It's not often Indonesia gets any recognition on the international stage beyond humiliating performances home and away but finally a piece of good news.

Syamsir Alam has been signed by Penarol, one of the biggest clubs in Latin America, after performing consistently well with the Indonesian side that has been training and playing in Uruguay the last few years. Joining him will be Zainal Haq.

They will start training with the team in the new year.

Both lads are currently back in Indonesia with their team mates, known as SAD, and footbal fans in Jakarta will get a rare opportunity to see them in action this week as they have arranged a couple of friendlies.

23 November v SMA Darussalem @ Bung Karno Stadium
25 November v PPLP Ragunan @ Soemantri Brojonegoro Stadium

Hi Me,

Hopefully, this team would be a golden generation of Indonesia National Team, besides Syamsir Alam, they got lots of talented players just let say Yericho, Tri Windu, Alan Martha, Ferry Firmansyah, AR Lestaluhu, and Alvin Tuasalamony..and more important thing is that hopefully this Uruguayan Generation will be better than Italian generation where there were some names like Kurniawan, Bima Sakti, and Kurnia Sandy.

and if they do come good you know who will take the credit?

the current pssi chief!
don't take this bullshit, seriously. all the news came up from solely source, mr manager demis djamaoedin.

he claimed alam scored about 50 goals in three years at uruguay, claimed the boys won torneo de honor, played against uruguay u-19 with one win and one loss.

if you saw them playing against darussalam high school (national champion), on tuesday, i just wondered to myself why the hell they wasted their time in uruguay. they barely scored a goal.

and, this is the much-prepared excuse from the coaching staff: they're still exhausted from 36-hour trip from uruguay.

man, they arrived on friday and still need more time to rest? so be it. let them rest in peace
Well pkodok , they beat PPLP Ragunan 5-0 yesterday ... FYI i have read the news in the uruguayan FA and they won Division de Honor.FYI division de honor is the second phase of the Uruguayan Youth Football League.they were only number 5 or 4 in the preliminary groups which consist of 7 team. and thats why they were in the Division De Honor because in those who were in the rank 1-3 went to Campeonato Uruguayo where the giants like Penarol , Danubio and Nacional play. After all they play in the U-19 League while all of them still in the U-18. lads like syamsir alam and reffa money are in their 3rd years but half of them only in 2nd or 1st year.Have you read about Glenn Hoddle Academy where they give a scholarship to a reject players from english premier league academies , its only for those who were in 18 - 22 . The human physical growth is untill the age 22 so it will be too early to judge they will not going tp succed in this stage.
My Personal Opinion is they should send them to Uruguay earlier in the age 12 because as Gerard Houllier said , the best time to train and teach football players is when they were in their 12 - 16 . Thanks to Danone where they have the cup for kids in their 12. i hope they can be something in the future. don't dream too much with becoming a world giants . to won the asian cup in 2019 is better achievable target.

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