Monday, November 22, 2010


Tangerang's Battling Fans Carry On Regardless

There are two teams in Tangerang, Persita and Persikota, and they both use the centrally located Benteng Stadium. Obviously when one team is playing at home the other isn't. But Tangerang folk are a proud bunch and last season many several brawls between the sets of fans even though just one of them was playing at home.

The Divisi Utama only started last Friday and already the same old pattern is being repeated. Friday saw Persita host Persires and the home team fans, known as Laskar Benteng Viola, still had it with Persikota fans, known as Benteng Mania, on the way to the stadium after mocking their rivals.

Yesterday Persikota were at home to PSIM and this time it was the Benteng Mania allegedly doing the mocking.

Last season the police threatened to ban any games being played at the Benteng Stadium if the troubles continued. It won't surprise anyone if they do eventually pull the plug.

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