Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Semarang United Sign Foreign Trio

With the excitement building towards to the start of the alternate Liga Primer Indonesia comes news Semarang United announcing three foreign players added to their suad.

Former Persib defender Patricio Jiminez, former Persija and Persikabo striker Roger Batoum and Amarildo Souza, (Persijap?)

Now call me a hoary old cynic but these are hardly signings to set the pulses racing in either Semarang or the much hyped (by Indonesian standards) new league. Instead there are three players coming to the end of their careers and hadn't even been snapped up by Divisi Utama teams

If there was a draft system in place, like in American and Australian sports, the LPI's teams, supposed to be 18, get to choose after the Indonesia Super League and the Divisi Utama. Their short term challenge is to become the first choice but there are many hurdles to jump before they reach that stage.

They wil however be holding games on Saturday and Sundays which means I may even be able to get to some games...if they can play any games in Jakarta!

this news about SU signing doesn't excited me at all. first, most IPL players are second rated players from divisi utama, ISL and even Divisi satu...second, most of us here doesn't seem changes our mind going to support this "united" team. Unless PSIS is disbanded permanently, we just dont change team overnight or even years. semarang is about PSIS and that's it. Afterall, let see if this IPL will even get start...

cheers m8
Well , You should have a look on Semarang United FC fan book page, its only a month and attract about 1400 fans , most of them were the Blue Panser's or SNEX's which support PSIS as well. it doesn't matter of second rated player but it's all about the chance to play for some players, more team compete then more chance to play.
The IPL pre-season will start in December 2nd on Jatidiri stadium. beside that they will held Governor Cup U-21 tournament in 16-27 december in semarang, they cooperate with KONI ( olympic committe )because of the team will come from all over Central Java and Jogja i suppose, KUDUS FC and REMBANG FC is established.
however those supporting IPL is had enough with the Nurdin Halid's should see some thread about IPL in Kaskus to gain some insight.
FYI though i spend most of my days in jogja currently but iam a semarang native's as well a loyal supporter of PSIS since i was a kid.but now the grass is greener in IPL.
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