Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Results 29/11

Divisi Utama

Persitara v PS Bengkulu 2-0 (Brima Pepito, Masril)
Persiba Bantul v Persipro 4-0 (Busari, Udo Fortune 2, Ezequial Gonzalez)
PSS Sleman v PSMP 3-1 (Ferry, Anang, Tri; Harun)

Liga Primer Indonesia Pre Season

Bogor Raya v Batavia Union 2-3

Persitara come from North Jakarta. Batavia Union come from North Jakarta. Persitara get their money from local government. Batavia Union get their money from LPI sponsors. Neither club, nor indeed any in Indonesia, seems capable of finding their own cash flow. And now, with the Divisi Utama and the LPI geting under way they both play on the same freaking day. So NJ Mania were torn in two. Some went to Cibinong, some went to Tugu Stadium. Does it matter? Is it the same club or is it two different entities drawing on the same support?

I gave up trying to explain this kind of nonsense years ago. I have a real job where I need to justify my decisions. Decisions here aren't always made for football reasons.

God, I'm soo jealous...

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