Thursday, November 11, 2010


Raising Money For Disaster Victims

Last night saw Persebaya lose 2-1 at home to the Indo Holland team that is currently in Indonesia on a triple mission. The games are being promoted as fund raisers for victims of recent disasters here.

The games are being organised by the alternate league that has been set up here, the Liga Primer Indonesia, without the sanction of the local FA or PSSI.

And of course the players in the Indo Holland, who only arrived in Jakarta on Monday, may also be looking for clubs locally.

The game was won by the visitors 2-1 in what was generally claimed to be a good natured affair.

Appropriately enough, on Heroes Day, the game was played at the 10 November Stadium in Surabaya.

But the result is unlikely to be remembered long into the future. Instead the PSSI are reportedly unhappy with the whole thing, especially with the LPI using a foreign ref to officiate the game. They have reported the Egyptian ref to both AFC and FIFA.

Tomorrow Ind Holland are due to play Persema at the Gajayana Stadium in Malang.

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