Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Putting Butts On Seats

Hong Kong side South China have signed former Manchester United and Newcastle United midfielder Nicky Butt and are thought to be paying him something along the lines of 50 grand a week. Which should just about cover his apartment on Mid Levels.

Question. Why is that Hong Kong is able to attract aging internationals like Butt yet Singapore can't?

To be fair, that ain't the right question at all. Surely it is better to pick up young, ambitious players like Frederic Mendy, Obidin Aikhena and Daniel Hammond, sign them on two or three year contracts, watch them develop as players in your league then flog them allowing the transfer fee to stay in Singapore football.

Oh wait, I've just seen the floor, I mean flaw, in that scenario. I said two or three years contracts. That's funny that is.

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