Monday, November 29, 2010


Malaysians Looking For Travelling Fans To Raise Roof

Despite the various on going political tensions between Indonesia and Malaysia the two country share a long history together and indeed it was only the British and Dutch that led to them being divided.

Malaysia have recieved something like 5,000 tickets for the two group games that will be played at the Bung Karno Stadium, against Indonesia and Thailand, and will receive slightly more when they play Lao in Palembang in their final group game.

I've not seen many away fans at games at the Bung Karno. During the Asian Cup in 2007 there were a few Arabs, from Saudi and Bahrain, but they kept a pretty low profile which was hard considering the white costumes they wear. During the same competition there were a few South Korean fans who made a bit of noise in their game with Bahrain but they didn't bother coming for the game against the hosts.

During the last AFF Cup Singapore had nobody. Well if they were there they kept mum. Likewise the Thais didn't have any support.

Things were a little different during the Asia Cup qualifiers. There were several hundred Australians in the stadium for the 0-0 draw but many of them were expats while the game with Kuwait, was marred by a couple of minor incidents but a show of bravado by the visiting fans nipped that in the bud.

So 5,000 Malaysians? Hmm, that's gonna be interesting, very very interesting.

There are travelling away fans at Bung Karno Stadium alright, but with Indonesian fans never die habit of throwing missiles there, you'd think away supporters crazy not to keep a low profile? I know, as i was there 2004 Tiger Cup semi-final Indonesia 1 Singapore 3. There was police security even soldiers but...
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