Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Indonesian Involved In Leicester City Takeover

Following news that a Thai consortium took over Leicester City comes news that there is an Indonesian element involved. A company called Cronus Sports Management headed by Iman Arif owns 20% of the East Midlands team.

Arif until recently was the head of the BTN, the body that took care of the Indonesian national team, until he was replaced in a reshuffle that was widely perceived to have been caused by a dispute between the national team coach, Alfred Riedl and FA heavyweights.

Arif was also heavily involved with the Arsenal Soccer School when it was set up in Jakarta.

But there's more. Iman Arif has a background n energy but he is very much a trusted lieutenant of football in Indonesia's first family, the Bakries. It is therefore likely, though unconfirmed at this moment, that he is fronting a company that will feature some Bakrie involvement.

Nirwan Bakrie is a prime mover in Indonesian football having held a number of key positions over the last few years. However he likes to keep a very low profile. His brother, Aburizal Bakrie, is a very powerful politician and leader of the Golkar party, the second largest in the current Indonesian parliament.

The Bakries are a controversial group with allegations of tax evasion and environmental damage following them around.

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