Thursday, November 18, 2010


Exclusive Interview With Buriram PEA Fan

With Buriram PEA on the verge of a Thai League Cup Final appearance I managed to track down one of their hardcore supporters and asked him how their season has been. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use my camera so we have to make do with a rough translation of his comments.

Jakarta Casual – hi, thanks for your time. What’s your name?

Fan – Lek, khrap

JC – Khun Lek?

F – Khrap pom

JC – Khun Lek, how long have you been a Buriram PEA fan?

F – All my life

JC – All your life?

F – Khrap pom

JC How old are you Khun Lek?

F – 27 khrap

JC – Are you from Buriram?

F – Khrap pom

JC – How many games have you been to this season?

F – Khrap pom

JC – (Repeats question in Thai)

F – Every game

JC – Do you go to away games?

F – Khrap pom

JC – What is the best ground you have been to with Buriram PEA?

F – Arai?

JC - (Repeats question in Thai)

F – Ummm

JC – Have you ever been to Chonburi?

F – Never

JC – Eh? Have you ever been to Chonburi?

F – No

JC – Have you been to every away game this season?

F – Khrap pom

JC – So have you been to Chonburi

F – Never

JC – Ok, let’s press on. Who is your favourite player?

F – Khun Newin khrap

JC – Khun Newin Chidchob?

F – Khrap pom

JC – And what position does Khun Newin play?

F – Arai?

JC – What position does…oh never mind. What team won the Thai Premier League this season?

F – Buriram PEA khrap

JC – Arai wa?

F – Buriram PEA

JC – Okkk…who won the Thai League Cup?

F – Buriram PEA

JC – But the game hasn’t been played yet. How do you know your team will win?

F – We never lose. Khun Newin told us.

JC – You never lose? What was the score away to Bangkok United?

F – I don’t know

JC – What stadium was used in your away game to Bangkok United?

F – Khrap pom

JC – Will you be going to Bangkok this weekend?

F – No. Why?

JC – For the Thai League Cup Final?

F – Arai wa?

JC - (Repeats question in Thai)

F – Khrap pom

JC – Can you name any other football teams in Thailand?

F – Khrap pom

JC - (Repeats question in Thai)

F – Buriram PEA

JC – Lek, I know you are a big football fan. Who won the World Cup this year?

F – Thailand khrap

JC – Back to the Cup Final against Thai Port. How will you go to Bangkok?

F – Bangkok?

JC – Yes, how will you travel to Bangkok for the game?

F – Not going

JC – Hold on, you just told me you’re going to Bangkok for the League Cup Final.

F – Khrap pom

JC – So how will you travel to Bangkok? How did you travel last time?

F – Last time? Me never go Bangkok

JC – Eh?

F – Khrap pom

JC – One last question

F – Khrap pom

JC – What does PEA stand for?

F – Khrap pom

NOTE - no Buriram PEA fans were injured during the making of this article. The same interview could have been done with 'fans' of teams like Hoffenheim, Chelsea, Manchester City, MK Dons or any other teams whose recent happenings have seen a rewrite of history and a discovery of long lost fans.

hahahaha....this is the second most funniest article you've post after an article about michel adolfo souza a few years back....
HAhahhahahhaha...I'm Thai and laughing hysterically at this. PS. Did you make it up or was it a real interview? :D
hahaha, even though i dont understand, it sound very funny. So what does these words mean - Khun Lek? Lek khrap? Khrap pom?
fraid it's all made up

khun is an honorific rather like mr or pak. khrap is just smething added to the end of sentences to be polite while khrap pom shows acknowledgment or in the case of when a farang is speaking thai just general agreement without understanding what was beng said!
Actually "Khrap Pom" is equiv. to "Yes Sir" or "Yes Madam".
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