Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Eternal Optimism

I love some of the stories that are coming out from these wanna be Liga Primer Indonesia clubs. Remember Bogor Raya where some official was quoted as saying they wanted a coach who had World Cup experience only to end up with some geezer whose last job was as assistant at a Divisi Utama club?

Now we have Tangerang United linking themselves, in today's Top Skor, with former Chilean international striker Marcelo Salas!

I'm guessing that if the LPI does get off the ground and if Tangerang United do get involved they would be using the Benteng Stadium. The same ground that is used by both Persita and Persikota.

I'm struggling to see how recruiting aging foreigners for a new league is going to raise the quality f that league. For example back in the 80s the Australians used to bring in big names like Charlie George and Kevin Keegan to boost the attendances but they had little impact beyond a nice little tan.

What's to say this would be any different?

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