Monday, November 15, 2010


Batavia Union Or Persitara?

Liga Primer Indonesia candidate side Batavia Union won their first friendly beating the Army team, PS TNI, 2-1 at Tugu Stadium in North Jakarta. Veteran Javier Roca scored one of the goals.

Roca and his team mates looked to be wearing a Persitara kit for the game at the home stadium of Persitara.

This could get confusing. Persitara are also competing in the Divisi Utama as Persitara. Batavia Union is to all intents and purposes Persitara with different funding.

Do the LPI expect the clubs to keep separate identities? Persitara get their pittance from local government subsidies. Are we supposed to believe there will be a clear distinction between the two teams? Or is it one team?

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