Wednesday, October 20, 2010


What A Smashing Wheeze

I keep my logic locked up in a left luggage locker at Heathrow Airport. Every time I return to England I take it out of the locker and we reminisce about old times. I then tell him, logic has to be male 'cos female logic is an oxymoron, the kind of stuff that happens in this part of the world. I piss myself laughing but he just sits there not even smiling. Why, he says, why, why why?

Take for example Bangkok Glass' decision to move their coach upstairs or sideways. the second time they have done so this season. Now coaches are hired to be fired, we all know that. The sack is as inevitable as a tax bill or a Wenger whine.

But with two games to go plus some cup games does it make any sense to replace the coach? No, of course it doesn't. But in this part of the world people don't make decisions because they make sense. They make decisions because they can.

And that is something my old mate logic will never understand.

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