Saturday, October 23, 2010


One Step Closer

Indonesia's alternate league, called Liga Premier Indonesia, is getting closer to reality. Or further away. It depends on which way you look at it. It was due to start at the end of this month but that ain't happened. Now the 22 team league is slated to kick off in January 2011.

Still no confirmation of the teams that will participate though some have broken the omerta and declared themselves. The poverty of imagination that plagues football club names in Thailand (Muang Thong United, Chula United, Bangkok United, Pattaya United), Singapore (Home United, Geylang United, Gombak United) and even Malaysia (Felda United) has spread south with Semarang United and Makassar United.

Guys, check your dictionaries. Check your history books. Don't just blithely copy Torquay United or Maidstone United. Adding United to the name of a town and or city does not add glamour to the football team. United usually refers to amalgamations back in the early days as football clubs found they couldn't compete in their area so merged to form a bigger entity.

At least a couple of other team names have avoided that route. Bintang Medan and Aceh Putra take the more normal Indonesian route of giving football clubs local style names.

as the saying goes..every big club must have united in their name..haha for felda united its fair for them to use united cause they have felda all across Malaysia
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