Thursday, September 23, 2010


Alternative League Plans Continue

Despite being spurned by the 18 teams in the Indonesia Super League, the people behind the Premier League remain undaunted. They have announced the League will start on 17 October but they are reluctant to reveal how many teams have signed up so far.

Persitara have been vocal in their desire to join as have PSMS, Persiraja and Persebaya. In other words teams in the Indonesian Premier League have been keen to put themselves forward to the new, umm, Premier League.

Why? Well, the new league is promising to provide them with seed money. In the ISL they have to find their own funding.

Now I am not totally au fait with FIFA regulations but my understanding is that domestic competitions must be sanctioned by the local FA. In Indonesia this is the PSSI and they currently authorise an Indonesia Super League and an Indonesia Premier League as well as the Indonesia Cup.

The ISL starts this weekend. The IPL is due to start towards the end of October. Now the alternate Premier League is saying they will start mid October.

I wonder how this is being viewed by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)? They are keen to professionalise football in the region and they, like FIFA, have a visceral, if selective, loathing of political interference in football.

How will it end? Probably some muddled compromise will be put together leaving everybody nearly happy and true professionalism a few steps further away.


just like the unsanctioned cricket ICL that led the launch of IPL? Looks like this is the other way round for Indonesia
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