Saturday, August 28, 2010


Singapore still buzzing

Singapore football has found a heap of new friends following the bronze medal the Cubs got in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. Nothing like a bit of bling to bring folk crawling out the woodwork. Of course, in the local way of thinking, these kids will now have to go on and win the World Cup in 2014 but for now they can bask in the glow of praise from a highly cynical public.

There was of course at least one person who managed to piss on the parade. Following the Bronze coach yahya Kadir revealed he had been receiving anonymous emails and text messages abusing him, probably, for not picking their beloved offspring.

At one point this anonymous, cowardly, testicle-less pondlife said that because yahya had no kids he had no idea how to take care of them. Of course the coward himself, never gave a name or replied to any comments from the coach, is a fine example of parenthhood. It would be great if thise kids who didn't play challenged their people to find out who was the source of this shit.

Easy to be a tough guy when no-one can track you.

Meanwhile Mabel, on here Facebook page, has posted a picture of herself swinging a rusty parang with the caption 'If you still have any I'm gonna cut them off'.

Anyway back to the football, and away from the snivelling, cowardly shitbag, what next for Singapore?

There is talk of sending the Cubs back to England to play friendlies against teams there. Very glamourous, headline grabbing, sponsor pleasing stuff. But that's not what these lads need. They are mollycoddled enough in Singapore, to jet them round the world, put them up in decent hotels and have them kick around with their English peers in a sterile atmosphere os not what these guys need.

They need mental toughness. They need street smarts. They need to know who they can rely on in the trenches. And they won't get that playing an Arsenal Undr 16s who don't care who they are up against.

Far better for them, a couple of years down the line, is to enter them in the Malaysian league. Take them out of their comfort zone. Let them learn what it's like to have a flat tyre in the middle of the night in the middle of a rubber plantation miles from Terengganu. Have thousands, ok hundreds, all right then doezens of locals baying abiuse at them knowing that after the game they have a long drive back to Singapore, it's pissing down with rain and their dressing room has no roof. In fact have the anonymous messenger hold the brolly.

These guys can pass a ball now. Well, they should be able to. They know those two white sticks serve a purpose and the nets at each end of the pitch ain't for fishing.

Now they need toughening up. Mentally and physically. And they won't get that travelling by MRT to Hougang or on a bus going to London Colney where everyone will be nicey nice and lovey dovey.

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