Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Indonesia's Friendlies

2-6/09 v Local Club Side
09/10 - Brazil
13/10 - Ivory Coast
21/11 - Paraguay
24/11 - China

I love the way they confidently state the likes of Brazil and Ivory Coast yet a game against local johnnies is purely tentative. By the way, don't hold your breath on any of the last four. I would like to be proved wrong but you know lah.

It will finally end up againsts African XI and some ISL clubs :D

Anyway, they're also too strong for Indonesia. Nothing we can get from the games. Well, one may probably good for world-class playing experience. But they should try more realistic opponents for the rest. Try nationals with about 20-30 rank difference.
and dont forget a game against the navy and pelita jaya under 18s!
Friendly against Ivory Coast on 12. October and Timor_leste 24. November is confirmed (?)
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