Sunday, July 25, 2010


Singapore crowd above 5,000 shock

Official SLeague are now treated with derision following revelations that numbers include tickets given to people who don't actually turn up. Last night saw over 5,000 fans pile into Jalan Besar Stadium to see relegated English team Burnley take on a Singapore Select in the final game of the Clarets' Singapore tour.

It's an English thing of course. No bugger there wants to go and see their own teams but send over an English team filled with unknowns and people turn out in force.

From Burnley's point of view I'm glad the tour turned out well. Played three, won three, scored 11, conceded none. But it also seems the low key and accessible nature of the tour may have won them a few friends.

Which is all well and good but what about Singapore football? Fans turn out to see Burnley purely because they're English? Everything English is so much better than what's in their own backyard?

It's an attitude that continues to baffle me.

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