Sunday, July 04, 2010


I've seen the future baby...and it sucks

Passing through Bangkok airport the other day there were a number of Japanese fans returning from South Africa in transit. Their face paint had run from the tears they had shed watching their team but they were still happy chappys. "Cos their back packs were loaded up with them bloody vuvuzelas.

JLeague games aren't going to be much fun next season if these obscenities are to be permitted in stadiums.

For some reason people think they're fun. Probably the same people who just love footie, love painting their faces, love wearing stoopid hats, love spending 40 quid on a shirt only to write another man's name on it and love David Beckham/Kaka/Lionel Messi (delete as applicable).

Despite the fawning bullshit from the World Cup organisers who said 'ingrained in the history of South Africa' they are not immediately associated with the hosts or indeed Africa. If they were then why weren't they featured on the official World Cup song eh? Why didn't Nelson Mandela wake up in his cell every morning and have a blow on the damned thing?

Already there are signs of them creeping into the game here with a couple being heard at recent Thai Premier League games I attended when I was there.

Each World Cup brings something with it and you always get these freaks jumping to defend them. In 1978 Argentina gave us ticker tape which, we were told at the time, is an expression of Argentinian-ness. Again that was crap. Ticker tape gave the Argy generals at the time a chance to shred incriminating documents!

1986 saw us lumbered with the god awful Mexican wave. 1994 was held in America and proved to the world that despite the large crowds, tickets were probably given away free with every McDonalds Happy Meal purchase, the Americans just don't get football.

If these vulva things are to be accepted because they are deeply ingrained in the African psyche, god people spout shite...what African psyche? Is Morocco the same as Congo and Kenya?, then why not continue with football hooliganism which marred 1982 and 1990? After all, it's what they do innit? It's an expression of their culture every Saturday night.

I dope that we don't see a mass importation of these volvos into next season. Atmosphere at games in England is bad enough now without importing these venezualan crap horns. Hopefully Indonesian fans will ignore them but I fear there will be some, as there will be in Singapore and Thailand, who will buy them because they think they're cool and will want to impress their mates by how 'with it' they are.

Burn the bloody things...

Who pissed on your corn flakes?

I've been to plenty of matches in England at all levels and frankly the atmosphere is nothing to write home about. It's the same three songs over and over.

As for your jibe at USA '94 - I realize it might be tongue and cheek, but you're wrong. Those tickets were sold. America is a country of immigrants so you can pretty much find thousands of immigrants/expats from any country in every major city in the USA who will buy WC tickets in a heart beat. I was at the Saudi-Morocco game (the least anticipated game of the tournament) and that was a 75,000 sell-out with a majority of Arab fans.
frosties actually!

i agree and wrote in the postthat the atmosphere at games in england aint that good. i was there in the 70s and 80s and know what it used to be like before the corporates got involved big time

do you think them vesuvius things will add to the football experience?
A colleague of mine is a Caucasian South African and he explained that actually those Vuvezwatchamacallits are used only by a small religious group. Said group were actually very unhappy about them being used at football. So you're right, they certainly don't represent Africa or even South Africa.

If they do catch on then a few might have to be surgically removed from backsides before I'm done.There was one dipstick at Army FC happily tooting away. Unfortunately noisy horns are to Asians what hamburgers are to Americans or a good grumble is to you or me, you know they just won't be able to help themselves.....
Do you know that Yusuf gonna bring some of those crappy horns from SA? I might dread going to GBK next season, the Jak would deafen my ears with vuvuzelas.

- Pangeran
great, another reason for the police to refuse permission for persija to play in jakarta!
well if those vuvu thing is going to brought to indo football many stupider thing will happen maybe people who cannot afford it will bring their own kind of vuvuthing into the game ...maybe like seruling in javanese and sundanese culture it would be some kind of instrumental orchestrations on the stadium..i dont want that to happen
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