Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Bambang Pamungkas Song

Forget Paul the German cephalopod picking World Cup winners. He's got a fifty fifty chance and with eight arms it's difficult to go wrong. Anyway could Paul have predicted that Greg Nwokolo would have gone to Portugal or that Persiba's Adrian trinidad would have had a spell in Perth?

'Course he couldn't. He's a bloody octopus, not a fortune teller.

Nope, if you wanna look into the future then it's simple. Check the stats for this website! See where people are coming from and why!

And the last couple of days have seen an abnormal number of visitors from Australia googling Bambang Pamungkas and the A League!

Does it mean the Persija striker is heading downunder once his contract expires here? Good question. As was pointed out yesterday by one commentator here he has said on his Twitter that he won't discuss his future until everything has been decided and that is fair enough. Better that than what happens year in, year out at Arsenal where players like Adebayor and Hleb simply wallowed in the headlines their 'will I, won't I' antics attracted.

For what it's worth I think he should go and I said so several months back. It would raise the profile of Indonesian football and he would be a wonderful ambassador for his country. He's the Gary Lineker of Indonesia which I appreciate may not always seem a compliment.

Of course he won't make decisions based purely on improving international relations. He will make a decision, and that includes staying with Persija for remember this is conjecture with some googlomics, based upon what is best for him and his family.

Anyway media whore that I am I have put together a short clip of the man with his adoring fans the Jakmania singing his praises after yet another goal. The Bambang Pamungkas Song can be found on Jakarta Casual TV as can an interview I did with him several months ago.

According to this news item - - he is turning up later this week to trial with Wellington Phoenix, the NZ-based A-League team.
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