Saturday, June 26, 2010


Indonesia Super League 2010/2011

A date for your diaries!

The next Indonesia Super League is scheduled to begin 18 September and finish sometime May 2011. Oh, puh--leese...don't ask silly quations about last season. OK, so it hasn't finished yet, two teams in the relegation zone have an outstanding game and there is the small matter of the Play Offs from the Premier League...

Who says there is no forward planning here!

There are just small, niggling doubts gnawing at the soles of my kaki. Like for example the national team training camp. Will players called up for that be allowed to play with club sides? Like the ASEAN Cup in December. How long will the season go into hibernation for before and during the biennial event?

Just don't go booking any hols here just yet!

the longest competition in the whole world...LOL
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