Monday, May 31, 2010


Different views

Just been talking to a player who played in the Persija v Arema game yesterday. I asked him what it was like and he said the ref was shit!

I'm thinking about the experience of kicking a ball around with 85,000 fans breathing down your neck, the buzz of performing on that type of stage yet all he wants to do is have a pop at the ref!

If I was a player I would collect every bloody video I could find of that day. Both on the field and off it. I would make it into a single movie. And I would show it to my children. My grandchildren. My in laws. My neighbours. My driver. The guy who drives a taxi nearby. People at work. Shit, I would by an i-Pad and start using public transport just to show the person next to me and say 'yep, I played in that.'

I sure as hell would not be whining about the bloody ref!

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