Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Welcome to Wamena!

This is the face of Choi Dong Soo (Persisam) after he was set upon by Persiwa players and fans during the recent Indonesia Super League game in Wamena.

Not too clear I know but perhaps that's as well. One Persisam player I spoke to after the game said he was scared while it was all kicking off.

Persisam supporters are said to be reporting the incident to the South Korean ambassador.

Persiwa, Indonesia's representatives in the AFC, are said to be under investigation by the ISL who have promised immediate action.

We'll see. Immediate action Indonesian style is to set up a commitee then forget about it. Le's hope this doesn't happen this time. But this, following so soon after the penalty that wasn't for Persik against Persija, shows that there is a cancer running through the game in Indonesia and it is a cancer that needs to be ripped out.

Coming so soon after the pointless gob gest in Malang recently it just proves how little has changed as the same old people run the game here and the same old problems remain unaddressed.

All in all a wonderful advert for Persiwa and Indonesian football. The authorities have to do something but you won't be surprised if they don't.

Image courtesy Pusamania, a Persisam fan site

Poor Choi, the only altercation he had in the S League might be a cheeky slap on the rear by John Wilkinson.

- fishoutofwaterspfc
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