Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Surprise, surprise

The internet can do many things. Except for irony.

A story in today's tabloid, Top Skor, hints at a change in the structure in next season's Indonesian Super League.

Instead of the current single division 18 clubs it is thought a return to the old format of two regional divisions is on the cards featuring the present 18 plus the eight who qualified for the Premier League play offs and two more.

This restructuring, were it to happen, would mean no relegation of course and it would allow Persikabo to take their place in Indonesia's top flight despite the fact that FIFA had earlier imposed a points deduction on them over contract irregularities.

A couple of months back I suggested that certain clubs would not be allowed to be relegated. If there is any truth in this story then that would seem to be the case.

It's probably a good idea, these away trips to Irian Jaya and Sumatra take forever and cost a fortune.
if that were the reason then why change the format in 2008?

i think this change, if it is true, has more to do with non teknis matters
The format was change as FA had to comply with AFC Super League regulation.

No, it's not good idea at all. I don't give a damn if the league divide into two regions or hundreds regions.

The Super League participants should be PROFESSIONAL clubs. And, how many it is in ISL? None of them. PTLI said at least only two clubs can comply with most of AFC professional club assessment, while most clubs rely too much on regional budget.

Government must ban ISL clubs from using regional budget. If it means there are only about 6-8 self-sufficient club, then so be it. It's much better than having 18 useless clubs.

But, I guess it's only my daydream. Nobody wants to be public enemy, even it's for greater good.
i thought they weren t allowed to use local government funds already? now they weren t getting subsidies, just 'loans'

has this got anything to do with pssi elections next year?
call it anything you like. subsidies, loans, anything. the fact is clubs are allowed to use APBD. i had high hopes in the national football meeting, back then, that government issued regulation banning professional clubs from getting APBD. but as you know, it's just full of bullshit.
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