Thursday, April 22, 2010


So how has your April been?

Check out Sriwijaya's month!

01/04 - Persijap A
06/04 - Binh Duong A
10/04 - Persela A
14/04 - PSPS H
16/04 - Semen Padang H
18/04 - Persikabo H
21/04 - Victory H
24/04 - Persitara A
28/04 - Selangor A

Nine games in four weeks! And this weekend they are playing a Persitara side who are returning from Kediri after three Indonesia Cup games in six days. They are returning by train! A journey just shy of 20 hours...

kediri to Jakarta doesnt take 20 hours lah, its only 9.5 hours or 11 hours the max if there is train delay
it s taken me 16 hours from solo to jakarta before so anything is possible
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