Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sleman - Sports City

After a bunch of clowns chose Singapore to be their second best city in the world for sports I would like to put forward Sleman.

Sleman is small town just outside Yogyakarta in Indonesia. It boasts a spectacular San Siro type stadium and a football team currently in the Indonesia Premier League.

It's close to a number of tourist attractions, most notably Borobudur, one of the world's great temples, and nearby is a railway station and an airport.

The team are PSS and just about avoided relegation last season to the badlands of Division One but a look at their attendances suggest a passion on the terraces that surely puts them on a par with Singapore, if not Melbourne. An average attendance of 7,206 isn't such a bad return is it?

v Persiram 5,328
v Perseman 3,144
v PSBL 5,237
v Persipro 4,247
v PSIM 14,567
v Persigo 8,784
v Persibo 8,769
v PS Mojokerto Putra 6,743
v Persiku 6,143
v PSIR 8,998

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