Monday, April 19, 2010


Pro Duta move again?

They used to play in Bandung. For this last season in the Indonesia Premier League they played their home games in Sleman.

Now Pro Duta are looking to move yet again. Rumours earlier in the season linked them with a move to Cirebon on the north coast of West Java but the latest is they fancy the Wilis Stadium in Madiun, East Java.

Great. Just what East Java needs is another football club.

Madiun itself is no stranger to high profile football matches. Back in 2006 Persekabpas played many home games there.

But what about the bloody fans? Each time they move they literaly have to start all over again developing a fanbase...sorry, silly of me.

Pro Duta are like that other serial moving club Pelita Jaya. They are privately owned. So next time I go off on one about local governments and football club just prod me in the eye and remind me of Pelita Jaya and Pro Duta.

If they're not interested in developing a fan base, if they're not interested in becoming a community football club then by extension covering their costs, turning a profit doesn't really matter to them. So why bother? Football can be an expensive hobby.

Still, this ain't Kansas Toto*!

* - this does not relate to a couple of particularly dire bands from the mid 70s and if you don't get the grateful

I remember Pro Duta is a club under Persib Bandung members in 90s and early 2000s. Some players contribute for Persib likes roby darwis and jajang nurjaman (now both are Persib and Pelita jaya coach)
The club separate in 2004 and play in Div.II.
thanks for that didit

useful background info
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