Sunday, April 18, 2010


Persiwa's busy schedule

17/04 - Persipura Indonesia Cup Jayapura
19/04 - Persiram Indonesia Cup Jayapura
20/04 - VB AFC Cup Male, Maldives
21/04 - PSM Indonesia Cup Jayapura
24/04 - PSM Indonesia Super League Makassar
27/04 - Muang Thong United AFC Cup Malang
02/05 - Sriwijaya Indonesia Super League Palembang

Check it out on a map! Jayapura v Maldives in less than 24 hours of course ain't gonna happen. It took Persema about 20 hours just to get to Malang. Male is a lot bloody further. Instead Persiwa will be entering their Under 21s into the Indonesia Cup.

They may not be my favourite team in the world but you gotta say life would be interesting there...

"WOW"..they should have 2 teams I think
think they do
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