Wednesday, April 14, 2010


No New Coach...Still

It's not only our maker who moves in mysterious ways. The Indonesian FA, known locally as the PSSI, are known for their unconventional decisions.

Alfred Riedl has yet to be confirmed as Under 23 coach. Apparently he was faxed a contract which he couldn't make head nor tail of and now the FA are asking for the government to stump up part of his salary. The same government whose initiative led to a special football congress where the FA decided, as was their right, to ignore the findings.

If I was writing about the PSSI in the UK no editor would believe me. They would say April 1st does not come round every day you know.

If I was writing this in Switzerland, home of FIFA, they would congratulate me on my writing and wish me luck for the future as they sized me up for one of them jackets where the sleeves go behind the body.

Sadly I'm not making it up and even more sadly no one can do a damned thing about it

you have to congratulate PSSI as they appointed manager for senior and under-23.

celebrity-lawmaker adjie massaid was appointed as under-23 manager.
who s he when he's at home?
@pkodok...LOL ! adjie massaid is a parliament member, formerly Indonesian artist who love playing football.

But so sad in 4 month PSSI donn't recuit NT coach
i m sure he will make a valuable contribution to the way football is managed in this country
yeah, sure he will. btw, i'm not sure riedl will take pssi offer. my guess is pssi will delay the decision until the end of season, and sign Robert Alberts as new head coach. bet on it
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