Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Malaysia keep the focus on the national team

PETALING JAYA – The FA of Malaysia (FAM) are planning to send their national Under-23 squad to Turkey in June as part of the preparation for the Asian Games and also the AFF Football Championship at the end of the year.

The team under the guidance of head coach K. Rajagobal has also drawn up matches several matches in Malaysia against teams from the Middle East and also Africa as part of their overall programme.

“We are always making an effort to hold talks with several countries in an effort to gain further exposure for this team,” said Datuk Azuddin Ahmad, the general secretary of the FA of Malaysia (FAM).

“We are still in the discussion stage and have not decided on the teams or the dates of these matches.

“Other than these two assignments, we are also planning to have a game against a team from the English Premier League in August. Which team that will be will be made known at a later date.”

COMMENT - Indonesia don't even have a coach. Talk of a tournament to celebrate 80 years of the FA was just that. Malaysia on the other hand have a team already in Slovakia and now this on the agenda. Things could look very interesting indeed in five years time if the Malaysians continue this investment.

The next Indonesian coach is Alfred Ruud Kroll ...err no Alfred Riedl ...err no Ruud Kroll..
have you sent your application in yet?

mine got rejected...
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