Monday, April 19, 2010


Hamkah Hamza

Never know what you're going to get with this fella. Well, for the moment at least nothing as he is clubless since getting the tintack from Persisam.

As far as Indonesian players go he is this complete package. As a defender he can tackle, he can jump and he can play with the ball on the ground. He can, and does, like to get forward at every opportunity which used to give former Persija keeper Evgeney Khmaruc kittens. Back then Hamkah was alongside Abanda Herman and they both fancy themselves as Ronald Koemans.

He can also do a job in the middle and has lined up in attack this season for his old club Persisam, netting a handful of goals along the way.

But a look at his resume won't exactly have clubs reaching for the phone. Once a full international, now overlooked. From Persija to Persik to Persisam to, umm, nowhere now.

Hamkah's talent is not and never has been in question. What is needed from him is stability at club level and a return to the form that brought him international honours in the not to distant past. Indonesia sees too many players not fulfil for their potential for non footballing reasons without seeing players implode on their own.

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