Sunday, April 25, 2010


FIFA Fair Play

Fun and games in Jayapura yesterday. Arema coach Robert Alberts was apparently hit on the head by a beer bottle (not sure which beer or whether it was full or not) while the Arema team bus was attacked by Persipura fans.

And they won 4-1! Imagine what would have happened had their local heroes lost!

Actually it's not that hard to imagine. Remember last season's Copa Indonesia Final where a Persipura player headbutted the ref and the team walked off? Remember earlier in the season how they apparently trashed their dressing room after they lost to Arema? Remember how they threatened the Persema players when they lost at the Gajayana Stadium?

So while the Indonesian champions seem to be able to do what the hell they want in their own country when they get on the international stage they seem happy enough to roll over and have their bellies stroked, revelling in near minus temperatures and cricket score defeats.

What would an outsider make of it all?

Persipura players mentality & attitude is so bad. If they wanna talk in Asian Stage, they should act like a champion first in Indonesia. I think playing in ACL really opened their eyes, that they are still nothin in Asia.
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