Saturday, April 17, 2010


Bambang's drought

Bambang Pamungkas is under pressure. The finest striker of his generation the Indonesian striker has struggled to find the net with a barren spell dating back to the end of January. His last goal came in Persija's 3-0 over Bontang. Since then he has gone 12 games without hitting the net and the local media have been quick to highlight it.

To be fair in their Indonesian Cup tie against Persela the striker had enough chances to win two games but his efforts were too close to the keeper or just wide.

Bambang's blanks have coincided with Persija's disappearance from the title race. They now stand 23 points off leaders Arema and are just above the relegation zone.

Persija's problem has that no one has stepped up to compensate for Bambang's poor run of form. Aliyudin has got three as has Herman Abanda. Firman Utina has netted a couple while new signing Serge Emalue has one. TA Mushafry has also gone missing.

It's a point I've made before and it's one I will reitirate. Bambang Pamungkas needs to leave Persija. He is comfortable, he is loved and he is well paid. He needs a challenge to kick start the last few years of his career.

The problem is the answer whenever he plays is always Bambang. Give it to Bambang, let him do the rest.

The same thing happened last season when Persija, with a better team and a better chance of winning the title, fell apart in the second half of the season and Bambang became less and less influential.

To reinvent himself he needs new surroundings and I don't mean a new team in Indonesia or a return to Malaysia. He is better than that.

i cant found one reason for explain why bambang pamungkas is the icon of indonesian national team..........he cant playing football.....he just waitting a ball on 12paz's box ....cant facing other playing ,...he deep affraid for crash n bodyball with her (sorry) enemy ......her (sorry) speed is not good , too.....he just can jumping .....but just can jumping is a footballer ??? idk................
I met Bambang's friend when they were together in Salatiga Football school or POP salatiga on his childhood times, he was in the same position with bambang, to be exact, he was bambang partner upfront. He told me, from the beginning of his school career until he graduates, he always play like a finisher, thats why u rarely seen him running catching the ball and stuff. In fact, his friend did the running and bambang finished the ball. So, what bambang needs is now a good partner upfront. Thats why Benny brought Serge and Aliyuddin.
Maybe Bambang should try to play abroad, Vietnam league I think good for him
Couldn't be more agree with you. He's too comfortable, he's love, and he's also overpaid. He's also center of the universe in Persija, and maybe in the national team.

So, why bother leaving Persija? He's even considered semi-god that can't do anything wrong.

He had his chance to leave Persija, when Sriwijaya wanted to sign him. Instead of taking up new challenge, he opted to stay in Jakarta.

I hardly imagine him leaving Persija and playing abroad. Don't mention Malaysia, as I don't consider Malaysia "abroad". It's only our backyard.

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for him to retire when he's still loved and considered as country's best player.
maybe bambang can join in timor leste 's league........he is not good player...........
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