Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Shocking, Scandalous, Embarrassing, Disgraceful, Farcical

Footballers go on the pitch expecting to win and they expend every effort in that pursuit. Sometimes it works and they're heroes. Sometimes they lose and they're zeroes. History will record that, for today at least, Persija will be zeroes and Persik the heroes.

Persija started in shocking fashion and it was no surprise they went 1-0 down so early. If they had been two down after 10 they couldn't have complained as Yongki Aribowo tormented them down the left.

But Persija fought back and in M Ilham they had their own potent threat down the flank. It was his determination that led to the cross swept home gleefully by Aliyudin to make it 1-1.

They had the chances second half, especially Bambang Pamungkas from a few yards out. All he had to do was attack the ball with any part of his body and they would have been in the lead. Instead, cultured player that he is, he sought to place the ball but was decieved by the flight or the bounce and even now the ball ain't come down.

And then came the moment when football was brought into disrepute. Mahyudi Panggabean sped down the inside right, in came Baihakki sliding to try and clear the ball. Panggabean rode the challenge, there was no connection, and carried on until, on getting into the penalty box, he decided to fall spectacularly. No one could have been fooled. It was simulation, stimulation, it was 4ucking cheating that' what it was.

Remember Eduardo's supposed dive against Celtic? This was nowhere near. Panggabean couldn't get a job on a local soap, his acting was so bad.

But he got the ref. The ref, the most important man on the pitch, he fell for it and pointed to the spot.

If your Panggabean what would you have done? Players go down all the time, it's up to the ref to be wise, alert and street smart.

The Persija players went mad and pushed each other to get at the ref to voice their protests. Baihakki went to the linesman, not 10 yards from the incident. Leo Saputra should have seen red for his pushing, not just yellow. But the ref weren't for changing. He said pen and pen it would remain.

Persija lost and to be honest, tough titty. They had their chances. That's football. And refs, they make honest mistakes, course they do. But this, this was so blatant he surely cannot sleep tonight, not after seeing the replay.

Disgraceful call, but the reaction was worse.

Chelsea's shenanigans during its Champions League exits the last two years seem pale in comparison. If the PSSI wants its referees to be respected (rather than just pay lip service to respect), it'll hit the club with a hefty fine for failing to control its players. Then, just for good measure, it can let the ref spend a week or two in the Premier Division.
i ve spoken to people after the game and no one is surprised the pen was given

i also understand pelita jaya were given a strange pen as well...

this is nothin tp do woth refs...
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