Thursday, March 25, 2010


Persija v Persib

Well it looks like it's still on and it looks like fans will be able to watch the game. Persija fans at least. Persib fans have been told to stay home or, if they do go to the game, not to wear anything that identifies them.

The police apparently offered the Persib team the use of a tank, well armoured personnel carrier, to go to and from the stadium but that has been rejected with the club saying they would rather travel by bus.

It's one of Indonesia's 'classic' games along the lines of Liverpool v Manchester United. It's a rivalry built not on geography but perhaps perceptions. Bandung, West Java, the centre of a Sunda kingdom, full of pride and togetherness. Resentful of the middle class Jakartans who flock to their city every weekend and holiday with their prejudices and assumptions.

Jakarta is the big, brash capital city. It's outward looking, proud of it's cosmopolitan make up. It's Gordon Gecko in a bajaj smoking kretek

I guess the nearest parallel in England would be Persija as Chelsea and Persib as Newcastle United.

UPDATE - The Jakarta Post is reporting that 2,000 police will be on duty at this game. I would link to the story on line but they haven't updated their website yet. They also say that 'most Persija games in the past have ended in brawling' which is a shocking and untrue statement to make. First define most. Second define brawl. I probably get to more Persija games than the Jakarta Post writer and I rarely even see any away fans let alone fighting.

"I rarely even see any away fans let alone fighting."

Maybe there's a connection there. What time's the game on me old China?
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about 15 minutes time...

there is a connection but don t tell the post that!
Hei mate, your blog is the best english blog of Asian/Indonesian foot I've ever read so far! great,full with details and english accent :)however, about the last blog you post (about time changing the model) I think Persib is one of best example in term of club organizing, although arema did very well too (or ongisnade did very well).

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