Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Persija Football Thugs Shock Horror!

The Jakarta Post loves to have a pop at Indonesian football. And yes, there are many stories out there that could dish the dirt on. But they don't. Instead they prefer to sensationalise and scare monger.

Last week Persija played Persib and a few fans were caught carrying weapons. Out of 35,000 you're always gonna find twats, I'm not condoning this.

If they wanna cover football then fine, do so. Over 500 Persis fans who travelled to their final game of the season against Persikota. Give some analysis of the Malang gob fest but in context of existing FIFA statutes. (Not like this where they get basic facts wrong*). Look at why Indonesian players and coaches aren't going abroad. Will Pelita Jaya escape relegation and why? Mix it up a bit.

At least we have the Jakarta Globe

* The Malang meeting cannot change anything. It can only make recommendation which the FA can accept or reject as they wish.

UPDATE - They have done good pieces in the past. This is a goodie about Bonek while the same edition also looked at Aremania, the fans from Arema.

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