Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Nothing broken, I hope...

I think everyone would agree Indonesian is pretty physical. Two footed challenges are so common refs flash yellow when a player jumps in with one leg. Whacks on the ankles, elbows in the throat, taking out from the waist are par for the course.

Given its physical nature why aren't there more long term injuries?

Have a look at this list of long term injuries suffered by the Arsenal over recent years. And compare that with Indonesia where the only guy who seems to have long lay offs is Boaz Solossa. (Though Claude Ngon A Djam has had a miserable time of it this season.)

English football is softer than a baby's bum so how and why do Arsenal suffer so badly?

In Indonesian football every team is made up of Ron Harris, Peter Storey, Billy Bremner and Jimmy Case.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes clubs deliberately target his players and if you look at the other teams in England you can see he has a point.

But if you look at tackles flying in here you wonder. Are the Arsenal players a bunch of namby pambys, it only happens to them 'cos they're southern softies? Or is he right. Are the challenges inflicted on his players designed to cause maximum impact.

'Cos I look at games here and wonder why the rough house tactics of some teams don't cause serious damage while in our Super Soft Premier League they cause serious damage.

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