Friday, March 26, 2010


Indonesia Cup

Used to be called the Copa Indonesia but not no more it ain't.

What ever it's called it kicks off next month. Possibly.

It is scheduled to start 15 April and run through to 1 August. It features all 18 ISL teams, 12 from the IPL and two others from the nether regions of Indonesian football.

The format has been changed. Whereas before it was home and away now the first round will be a group stage with four teams based in one sity playing each other. This will minimise unnecessary expenditure by clubs and is probably a good move...falls off seat and sprains ankle in disbelief at the last sentence.

A couple of years back Perseman Manokwari, in Papua, didn't bother playing the second leg of a game against Sriwijaya blaming the high cost of travel and accomodation.

Nine cities will be used for the eight groups with a heavy bias to East Java.

Palembang (Sumatra), Karawang (West Java), Kediri & Blitar, Lamongan, Malang, Surabaya (East Java), Samarinda (East Kalimantan) and Jayapura (Papua).

The draw will be made before the 15 April I guess...

Previous Winners

2009 - Sriwijaya
2008 - Sriwijaya
2006 - Arema
2005 - Arema

Persipura have appeared in the last three finals and guess what? Lost them all.

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