Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Get your matchday programme!

Chonburi were early pacesetters in the region for match day programmes, the buggers even do them for some away games! You can now read the programme on line as a .pdf file here. Well, if you can't read Thai you can still look at the pictures.

Arema host Persitara today in the ISL and there programme is already on line. Download it here but you need to be able to read .rar which I can't for some reason.

As of now you can't access Etoile programmes on line but I'm sure it won't be long.

Now how long will it be before these guys offer subscriptions. 'Cos I tell you what guys, never underestimate what a fan will spend on his beloved football club.

I use this to unpack rar files:
Gah! This should fit better:
thks, i'll give it a go.

never heard of .rar till ongisnade started using it. what s the difference between it and .pdf?
PDF is a document format Adobe came up with a while ago. Used to be you could only open them with Adobe's Acrobat Reader, though now they open with just about anything (Preview, web browsers, etc.). Their near ubiquity makes them handy to send as opposed to always having to ask which system and programs the recipient has.

RAR, like ZIP and CBZ, is a way of packing a bunch of stuff into a single file. You can fiddle around with compression and password protection and such, but it's basically a way to download one file as opposed to a bunch.
ok thanks. i'm familiar with zip but never heard of rar
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