Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Cambodia looks at marketing

PHNOM PENH – The Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC) recently organized a marketing seminar for the stakeholder from the football clubs involved in the Metfone Cambodian League 2010.

The seminar was conducted by FIFA expert Anter Issaac and Stuart Rama Lingam, FIFA Marketing Consultant.

The seminar was held at the National Football Centre at Phoum Cheng Meng in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Amont the topics discussed were, ‘What marketing is? How to attract sponsors? and what expectation do sponsor need from Football Clubs?

“What the sponsor needs is not the result, but the product,” emphasized Stuart.

A further course on Marketing Plan will be organized in these few months.


1. KHOV CHHAY, Marketing, National Defense Ministry FC

2. TEP LONG RACHANA, Manager, National Defense Ministry FC

3. YEP PHIRUM, Chief coach, Prek Pra Keila FC

4. PHAN CHAN PHAT, Assistant Coach, Kirivong Sok Sen Chey FC

5. DAMAGU DU SOLOMON, Chief coach, Khemara Keil

6. UKACHUKWU BEZIAI C., Assistant Coach, Khemara Keila
7. BE MAKARA, Manager, Phnom Penh Crown

8. OK SAMNANG, General Secretary, Preah Khan Reach
9. BUN PICH MONY, General Secretary, Build Bright United

10. LAM TINY, General Secretary, Naga Corp

11. VAN DARA, Wat Phnom

12, NGUON KIRY, Chief Coach, Chhma Khmao

13. TEP PHANY, Media Officer, FFC

COMMENT - love the fact that there were five coaches in attendance. As if the poor buggers haven't got enough to do with making sure errant players catch the bus on time and mark the right geezer at set pieces, now they have to hand out leaflets and dress up as the club mascot!

Surely they can simply ask their neighbours to the west for some tips.
national pride and all that
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