Friday, February 12, 2010


PSIM Yogyakarta v PSS Sleman1-1

Yogyakarta is the most visited tourist destination on the island of Java. Famous for Borobodor Temple, Prambanan plus the historic palace at the heart of the city. The nearby coast is filled with ancient Javanese mysticism. Yogya's special place in Indonesia is shown by the fact that it is a Special Zone rather than a more mundane province.

It is also home to a number of football teams two of which collieded head on in this Premier League game shown live on TV.

Neither team has set the Premier League alight this season with PSIM bottom of Group 3 and PSS just one place above them and a derby after all is still a derby.

With the terraces packed fans of the home team spilled over the fences pitch side while 2,000 visiting fans were put in a corner next to the main stand. During a scrappy first half one match ball disappeared into the crowd only for cameras to pick out a fan tossing it to a mate of his despite the fact that a few fans were telling him not to be so daft.

On about 67 minutes, after a PSS player had been felled by a rock for a econd time, the ref took the players off the field. Home fans invaded the pitch and basically did what the hell they wanted . No crowd control at all...

Shame really. The first player to have rocks thrown at was called Awank and he later got a red card. There has to be a headline in there somewhere.

On Wednesday a Persik fan died when the Brawijaya Stadium was filled to overflowing while on the same day rioting broke out in Medan after the home team, PSMS, lost at home to Persikabo

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