Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Persema v Persebaya 3-1

This is what I love about Indonesian football. I can watch a game purely as a neutral and not give a toss who wins.

It's been fun watching both these teams this season. Persema may lack the big names but there is a wonderful team ethic that flows through the eleven players on the field. None of the pouting or arm waving so called big names like to indulge in, these guys just get on with it.

Persebaya play the sexy football with John Tarkpor at the heart of everything that is good. Their downfall, as it has been for most of the season, is a defence who like to play statues once in a while.

Former Persebaya striker Jairon Feliciano, the Serbian speaking Brazilian, gave the home team a two goal lead.

John Tarkpor hit back with a spectacular 40 yard free kick to make it 2-1 and a potentially nervy ending for the home team.

But coach Subangkit is a canny operator. Earlier in the season against Persipura he took advantage of a perceived weakness in keeper Jendri Pitoy's handling to see his side earn a well deserved win by peppering him with long range efforts. Today he had his team bomb down the flanks looking for the delivery that would have the Persebaya defenders caught stationary and bugger me, moments after Tarkpor's effort, who should be at the back stick with all the time in the world but defender Pierre Patrick Seme to make it 3-1.

After defeating Persib at the weekend coach Danurwindo must have been breathing a bit easier. Now though the knives will be out one more time and things don't get any better for the beleaguered coach. Next up is an away game against their bitterest rivals and ISL leaders Arema.

Who'd be a coach?

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